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Your picks are data, proof, numbers on (plastic) litter to confront policymakers and company CEOs. These are our goals:

  1. 10.000 Plastic Picks

    We'll demand anti-litter campaigns from multionationals

  2. 100.000 Plastic Picks

    We'll demand deposit fee systems in and outside of Europe

  3. 1.000.000 Plastic Picks

    We'll demand better waste management in developing countries

Data & Privacy

We aim to use your data to confront policymakers and company CEOs. We do this by sharing all pictures anonymously with Litterati.

All your pictures are uploaded to the cloud and publicly available, so they can be shared and analysed for litter. The URLs to your pictures are impossible to guess. Only when you share a pick, you share that URL and others will know where to find it.

We will never sell your pictures. We will never record your personal data. We don't know your name, your IP address, your social media accounts, nor track any other private information. The only thing that could identify you are your lilfies (selfies with litter).

You can delete your picks if you want via My Picks.

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